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dm500-maxvar-20130528-306M-UK-282E-UKCVS-GYPSY-bac 2017-06-25

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From this thread

the gypsy backup image will work just fine if you follow these basic steps:

press green button > download bouquets > select region
press green button > download tv guide
(there are also shortcut keys for these functions in blue button)

once these two steps are done, you will have latest 28.2e bouquets for you region and 1days epg.

press ok button twice, then press info button and then select multi epg menu item

you will now see the epg screen you want, here is tomorrows epg to show you it is working for next 24hr!
you will need to wait 30mins or so for the now/next epg to catch up and start populating from the stream when you only press the ok button.

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