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DigitalWorldz Backup 28/09/2013 2017-06-25

DigitalWorldz Backup 28/09/2013

  1. Rat
    DigitalWorldz Backup 28/09/2013

    PLi/gjstroom build 28/09/2013
    re uploaded due to some having network problems
    Tried to keep it simple to most used, you can always add your IPTV plugins

    Menu Changes
    Change bouquets in quickzap (enabled)
    second infobar ON, Ok onfo bar, OK second infobar, OK off
    swap SNR in db with SNR in percentage yes
    Subtitle delay set to 0 helps with lipsync if you ever suffered with it
    auto language (4) set to English by default
    AC3 Yes
    audio streams stored by service No
    Timeshift recording set to /media/usb/
    PLi-HD skin is Default

    Rat’s Bouquet Updater
    Rat’s Picon updater
    Cool TV Guide 6.4.0 (coloured buttons mapped, Red takes you into guide)
    CrossEPG Downloader (fixes included)
    DFlash 9.29

    CCcam, SSL84B included
    File added to show Picon’s in OLED

    Thread Discussion

Recent Reviews

  1. sterion75
    Version: 2017-06-25
    is this pli 4.0?
  2. neecarl
    Version: 2017-06-25
    I have flashed it onto my DM800 SE and it is running very nicely.:thumbsup: love the [COLOR="#FF0000"]smooth[/COLOR] nice [COLOR="#00FF00"]graphics[/COLOR], very clean image. highly [COLOR="#FFD700"]recommended[/COLOR]