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dFlash 10.0.0 2017-06-25

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But all can whine and I tend to write pretty quickly what I need for inputs to isolate the fault :)

But anyway, if you really bland - on the first page is a first 10.0.0 test kit where you can tell me whether the progress bar is so useful .

But go for the first time only in the plugin in the web interface I'll kick it only when it works in the plugin.

And the length of the beam based on the assumption that will correspond to the space consumed m flash nfi about the future size - eg in Flodder is NOT correct and the bars never go to 100% before it is ready, but you first need to find out how much % it reaches a maximum before I can then customize .

But you will find it all out myself ... hopefully .

And since nothing else is new inside, except just start the new Releasezykuls and we are actually just test kits for the first time .

And like I said, if you used a Skinn where dFlash geskinned but is still without the new slider Skinnelement is the possibly not end well .

In OoZooN Image with default Skinn but it works

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