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DashLaunch 3.09 2017-06-25

DashLaunch 3.09

  1. spud1966
    new version of DashLaunch has been released with some minor bug fixes.

    ================================================== ==============================
    - fix in update server for corona 16M consoles (thanks Danny Lane!)
    - added exception logging to installer
    - fix some minor bugs
    - *known issue* some situations are causing a black screen when starting installer, it somehow seems to
    be related to USB devices and/or signed in profiles. If you run into this issue, try the debug
    version of installer – it's slower because it's logging to disk but apparently works fine. (thanks again Danny!)

    - tweak xelllaunch, see it's readme for how it's changed
    - all patch sets updated to support xebuild update server full use
    - added xebuild update server and related options
    - fixed a bug with signnotice on 13604 (and probably older)
    - changed farenheit to fahrenheit everywhere it wasn't before
    - added 16537