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Cool TV Guide 7.0 (1.6) 2017-06-25

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after a long program the new Cool TV Guide 7.0 You can not even imagine how code improvements extremely quite time consuming at all possible locations were Improvements made ​​to the new Cool TV Guide about 2 - 3 times faster make also the new Cool TV Guide now needs only 30% of the cache from the past! many users have written to me and wanted to stay in the past .... this too will now ... and have a look once the new Cool Channel Guide to, perhaps still looks the same, but he was almost new gecodet and will you sure as hell remember how quickly he has become now also change the bouquet is now much faster. .. some default assignments are changed, the do not like one or the other, then you can always go to Setup and on the old setting back Important: Should you for example in Cool Search for a word with an umlaut get no display, then go to the setup and provides the fix to YES ... then it should work ... and there are also many little things that did not occur to me all the way: Although we have very much tested, but all the possibilities go almost did not test it. 've noticed some small errors due to the many changes and improvements should , then please laments not equal. but logs the easy and it will be fixed in the next update! Skinner at all: a look into the CoolSkin folder, there you will find a skin --- Options --- .xls and shall include all information that your needs ... Have fun and a suuuper New Year!

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