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Commando 15.0d for DM500S and DM500C 2017-06-25

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It took nearly 6 months to pull this off, but thanks to our loyal band of beta testers (some on cable, some on mult-Sat, some on both), we think we have finally hit pay dirt with this image.

For users getting their old DM500C boxes out of the closet or loft, we have a nice surprise for you. Cydine's old dBox2 C12 NetID Scanning with VM Bouquets has been ported in, wooo! Along with SML and full Parental Control options. Fill yer boots, guys...

For DM500S, it's all been about NOT breaking the DiSEQc A-Z Scanning that cydine's old code DID break... It looks like we're finally there at last, phew! We've also added shedloads more protection, robustness, and disaster recovery to AutoBouquets, in order to look after you when you try weird things, LOL!

Either reboot and click BLUE > BLUE (Update available) or start over again with this morning's bang up to date build attached. More info in the file attached, which is also included in the rar package (along with libcrypto for mgcamd testers).


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