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Commando 14.7 DM500 2017-06-25

Commando 14.7 DM500

  1. wiz569
    Sorry it was so long in coming, but we hope it was worth the wait. As always, FTA only and contains no softcams nor keys.

    What's new?

    • Set My Location makeover- much easier and more intuitive now. DO THAT FIRST!
    • Some new GUI Themes to try, including the Classic neutrino from dBox2
    • Selectable default Audio- English ~ NAR ~ AC3
    • RT-EPG load via the GUI is now 'clean' with no annoying popups
    • Reboot plugin dropped (Reboot available in Timer 'Types' instead)
    • If AutoBouquets is on a Timer, box is woken up if in Standby Mode
    • yWeb is now 100% English, and the virtual Remote is back!
    • Two DM500 remotes to try on your Android device (see the new yWeb doc)
    • A new option to have all the +1 channels (bar Movies) in their own Bouquet
    • A new Digital Radio bouquet, to avoid issues going to Radio Mode with 'Others' OFF
    • Fix for the vanilla "ITV" names- we've given you back your ITV regionals!
    • New set of solid ITV picons for ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 channels, including +1
    • Main Menu has a new Utilities Menu, including Online Updates. Check it out!
    • Heavily updated help docs covering SML, AutoBouquets, GetEPG, RT-EPG
    • New help docs for Bouquet Customizing and yWeb. All in /var/etc/info and the rar pack

    The Icing on the Cake

    GetEPG Autogen no longer just logs any unmapped channels it finds. It now automatically calls GetEPG AddNew to zap to that channel and scan for it's EPG ID with dvbsnoop. It can tell the differerence between a new channel and one that's been renamed, and edits the user mapfile accordingly, on the fly!

    If it's a renamed channel, it edits the existing line. For a new channel, it appends a new data line to the end of the correct bouquet section. Plus it's all reported in detail in a logfile in the /var/log folder, and a summary at the end of the usermap. See the docs for full details.

    Package contents:

    • The image, with bang up to date services and bouquets (as at Sun 27 Jan 2013)
    • A special lib file needed by mgcamd and evocamd users only
    • Ein Kabel-Deutschland paket für unsere Deutschen freunde mit Kabel
    • A rar pack containing all 8 help documents (also readable from /var/etc/info in TuxCom)

    ENJOY! -- PaphosAL ~ Renwich ~ LraiZer ~ Satsearching :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. baharchyuk
    Version: 2017-06-25
    This is the BEST image PERIOD !!
  2. bazigar007
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Many Thanks guys will give it a try .. used to love it, :Wave: