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clone VTi-8.2.0-Xbmc-2015-04-03-vusolo2-SunRay-r 2017-06-25

clone VTi-8.2.0-Xbmc-2015-04-03-vusolo2-SunRay-r

  1. Ferret



    patched drivers 2015-04-03-by-ramiMAHER

    - driver: 03.04.2015
    - kernel 3.13.5 (Solo², Duo², Solo SE, Zero)
    - kernel 3.9.6 (Duo, Solo, Uno, Ultimo)
    - xbmc pre-installed (Solo², Duo², Solo SE)
    - support for GUI animations (Solo², Duo², Solo SE)
    - build python with IPv6 support
    - update AtileHD skin
    - update and enhance functionality of GraphMultiEPG plugin
    - update default services
    - update OpenWebIF
    - use lsusb with all functions (no busybox lsusb)
    - Enigma2 (2014-04-02)
        add option to deactivate timer(button STOP or GREEN LONG), THX @busch
        add many skin parameters (improved FullHD skin support) THX @hmmmdada
        extend dvbapp2 core for additional skin parameters for config lists textOffset, secondfont)
        add option to save parental control pin when CI modules are in use
        show zap history (button EXIT in TV mode)
        save list style type and sort order folder based (MovieList)
        support parental control for movie folders
        support parental control for deleting movies
        add option to hide service name in service list
        add option for double-spaced service list
        support for any picon size in service list
        SkinPro is available for every skin not only AtileHD
        miscellaneous bug fixes


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