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City & Guilds 2396 Electrical Design Past Paper 2 2017-06-25

City & Guilds 2396 Electrical Design Past Paper 2

  1. Mick
    Paper 2 of City and Guilds 2396-402 Papers.

    This paper will help learners with there understanding of electrical design.

    The City and Guilds Level 4 Award in Design (c&g 2396) is a course for experienced electricians looking to move into design, you will need a strong understanding of the Big Yellow Regulations book (BS 7671 - Requirements for electrical installations amended to 2015).

    Items you will need to be able to complete the document.

    IET Onsite Guide
    IET BS7671
    IET Guidance Note 3
    IET Guidance Note 1

    These books are the basis of the Electrical Design Course, you will need to be able to understand them, and most importantly navigate them to find answers.

    The Exam is a 3 hour Open Book (you can take the 4 books above in with you) Exam,
    You cannot write in these books or it could be seen as a advantage, but saying that it has a notes section so I find that a bit stupid!!!

    I personally passed this course in June last year. It was very difficult and a level 4 City and Guilds is almost on par with a degree/hnd/etc.

    You will need a strong understanding of mathematics, and especially transposing formulas, especially for the calculations.

    Click this Link to Download File:
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  1. Mick
    Version: 2017-06-25
    I do have some with model answers and will upload them later today hopefully.

  2. Dendrilas
    Version: 2017-06-25
    do you have model answers for these?