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City and Guilds 2357 - AM2 Course Guide 2017-06-25

City and Guilds 2357 - AM2 Course Guide

  1. Mick
    This is a huge download with a very large amount of information on the course, and excellent study guide for those that are currently doing the City and Guilds 2357.

    This Download covers the following city & guilds 2357 AM2 Modules in full:

    Unit 301 - Electrical Health & Safety
    Unit 302 - Electrical Environmental Selection
    Unit 303 - Electrical Overseeing Work
    Unit 304 - Electrical Planning & Design
    Unit 305 - Electrical Prep & Installation
    Unit 306 - Electrical Connection & Termination
    Unit 307 - Electrical Testing & Commissioning
    Unit 308 - Electrical Fault Diagnosis
    Unit 309 - Electrical Principles

    The City and Guilds 2357 AM2 is lengthy course, that will enable potential electricians to learn how to become competent and skilled in the electrical field and often move on to higher positions with further study and work ethic.

    City and Guilds 2357 AM2 is perfect for young people to learn how to become and electrician the correct way and also learn the theory behind electrics.

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