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Channel List for the TM5302HD + 88cm dish by Willi 2017-06-25

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Brand New Channel List for the TM5302HD + 88cm dish by William-1 18th May 2016

All satellite transponders updated 53 east to 50 west

Use this list for the following receivers:- TM5302HD--TM5502HD--TM8000HD Combo

France HD on 5 west audio fixed with the latest patch for the TM5302HD

New patch also available for the TM5502HD but not the TM8000HD combo atm

Swiss fta tv HD replaces SD Eutelsat 9B @ 9 east
CNC World HD id= 55385 on Astra 2G @ 28.2 east
New satellites added @ 48 east & 50 west

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