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BlackHole-2.1.5-03-22-2015-DM800se-ramiMAHER#ssl84 2017-06-25


  1. bobby123



    *epgcache: Save EPG in flash when no harddisk is available
    /media/hdd won't exist when there's nothing mounted, so use internal
    flash when a harddisk isn't there. And when using flash, erase the
    file so that it doesn't waste space

    *ADD alternative numbering mode

    *ADD Configuration(Customise) to Channel List Menu


    *add support for uk cable epg:

    (Menu-Setup-System-Epg Settings) and change Enable Virgin EPG to Yes

    *ChannelSelection: add Channel preview as an option

    (when enabled, it leaves the channel list screen open after a zap, it requires a second 'OK' press to close the

    screen on the current channel. if exit is pressed it will Zap back to the channel that was active before you

    entered channel list)

    *ADD Menu Epg Settings: (Menu-Setup-System-Epg Settings


    Click this Link to Download File:
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