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Black Hole 2.1.2​ VU+ UNO 2017-06-25

Black Hole 2.1.2​ VU+ UNO

  1. Ferret
    Black Hole 2.1.2​

    "This release is dedicated to our friends that are sadly no longer with us Paolino and BigEd"​

    What is new:
    New skin MX Black Speed P
    Duo2 drivers: fix dual DVB-T2/C tuner in changing mode
    Update languages: es, no
    Updated MediaTree (all dvb usb drivers)
    Updated OpenWebIf
    [hbbtv] Update and fix crash
    [ScanSetup] Support TT3L10 automatic scan.
    [TransCodingSetup] fix set config bug and wrong description.
    [ScanSetup] dvb-t2 channel should be searched using scan app. & fix typo.
    fix vuplus-blindscan-utils
    Support dual DVB-T2/C Tuner automatic scan
    Adjust bmem in duo/solo
    - To support 1080 FB
    update drivers
    - Support 1080 Framebuffer(duo/solo need kernel update)
    - Support Dual DVB-T2/C Tuner(uno, ultimo, duo2)
    - Support 4 vtuners(solose, vtuner is mutually exclusive with transcoding)
    Added rtl8812au driver to the image (DWA.182 Rev A1 dongle works GREAT!)
    Added isofs module in images with kernel 3.9.x are always compiled as a module (M)
    [rt3070] added support for DWA-140 rev D1 (experimental)
    Fix WOL problem in duo2
    update drivers
    20140925(duo2, solo2, solose)
    - Fix HDMI problem in some AV receivers
    - Fix WOL problem(duo2)
    - Fix AGC/SNR display(SSH108)
    - Fix misc bugs.
    [rtl8812au] changed drivers from Edimax to GitHub
    [rtl8188eu] Updated driver to the last commit available
    Update driver
    20140829(solo2, solose)
    - Fix transcoding problem(solo2, solose)
    - Optimize memory usage(solo2)
    [vuplus-webmanual] fix incorrect output for solose.
    update drivers
    20140808(duo2, solose, uno, ultimo)
    - Improve DVB-C/T(CXD1978) tuning performance
    fix uno/ultimo harddisk detection
    fix slow network

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