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Black Hole 2.0.9 Cloud Ibox 3 Backup By Ferret 2017-06-25

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Black Hole 2.0.9 Cloud Ibox 3 Edition



Emus Added

Mgcamd 1.38c.

CCcam 2.3.0

CCcam 2.1.3

CCcam Info

IPTV Streaming Apps

TS Media Online ( Thanks mafarj57 ) :thum:




Channel Settings Catseye Full Motor

Backup Image Install Instructions

Original Blackhole 2.09 And Ferrets Personal Backup File included in this rar file.

Currently this is the only backup method working on the Ibox 3 for the Blackhole Image.

First Flash the Blackhole 2.0.9 image included with this method.

1) Format a USB stick FAT32. (use 4gb or less).
2) Download your image and extract. A older called xpeedlx will show
3) Copy the whole xpeedlx folder to root of your USB stick.
3) Connect to rear USB port and power on VIA CONNECTING THE MAINS POWER (NOT FRONT SWITCH).
4) Box will start and show Boot, Flash, U-CR, then U-RF
5) Wait for the image to flash (more or Less 3 minutes), till done shows on the front.
6) Remove Usb And Reboot.

Allow the image to boot then go through basic setup.

1. Now transfer the included BhPersonalBackup file to a USB stick and insert the USB stick into the Ibox.

2. On your remote press Menu-backup-Personal Backup

It will now detect the personal backup so just press the green button to install. After the install reboot and your now running the Ferret backup.



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