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Barry Allen 10.0.4 2017-06-25

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Barry Allen 10.0.4

Here is the changelog for the current kit of Barry Allen:

* This kit is ONLY for all current OE 2.0 images and also supports v2 boxes and their images to extract and boats

* Image ZIP file with the root as UBIFS are now also supports things without additionally installed

* Images with lzo UBIFS compression or can be backed up again now

* Now there is a new setting in the plug to remove for better performance on the 800se 500hd and squashfs images in Barry Allen Images.

* Bainit 90 in the flash file system check but still makes bainit 99 images in Barry Allen makes on the 500hd and 800se now a squashfs recovery.

* Automatic Swapen on boot is enabled again and created also equal to 256 MB large swapfile itself

* Wally West 8.0 kit is now released (but does NOT work with the old 800, so even a mips32el ipk) and UBIFS he is not yet tested, we will probably need to 9.X new.

* The install of Debian is now used instead of wheezy sid.

* It now comes nfidump 0.10.X for use in extracting the foreign images has been improved and you can now also only the root with UBIFS as zip save image

* Barry Allen now has a guest mode and you will have to find out what the.

Thx @ gutemine

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