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Backup of modded Vix Apollo 131 26/01/2015 Cloud i 2017-06-25

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Backup of modded Vix Apollo 131 26/01/2015 Cloud ibox 2+ se safe.

Set for nlines in mgcamd . But CCcan can be added on and its easy to set up

( If you have 2 usbs even better but not necessary. Ones going to live in the box permanently. Minimum 4gb for streaming to work correctly. Much easier. If you use that already just keep and use again in same way after flash. But cant be used for flash without pc format)

(If the box boots up without flashing you have usb issue so ask in forum for help :)

so first use ur fat32 formatted standard usb to put the cloudix folder on.
turn off box
insert flash usb in rear
boot up. Box should take 3-15 minutes to flash and MAY say done on front when flashed. occasionally when flashing the front panel may remain blank, just give it 15 minutes in case. IT MAY STILL BE FLASHING.
turn off box and remove usb
now before rebooting insert ur pre-initialised usb
or follow paragraph on right below. if using same usb as flash MAKE SURE AND DELETE FLASH FOLDER OFF BEFORE INSERTING AND REBOOTING.
1st to initialise your drive AFTER FLASH (make sure cloudix folder is not on usb)
Insert usb in back
Turn on
Storage devices
Initialisation (select ur usb/hdd)
Initialise with red button
Now Check
Mount manager (make sure mount is to hdd and format ext4)

Now I always reboot to be safe but dont think necessary

Swap manager
Make sure its created, enable at startup and active- or see setup thread.

(Just change provider in service searching/ autoboquetmaker to your local and add ur line ;-)
auto bouqets setup
auto EPG download set
cross epg setup to hdd
service scanning set to SD
256mb swapfile setup
Added SkySkin to vix dark skin
Includes mgcamd, BackupSuite, mediaportal, ondemand, tsmedia, tspanel, dreamexplorer, OpenWebif, Picture player, Media scanner
TSMedia as best as i can get movies for now but all hit and miss as usual

Hope this helps may come in handy an this is not my hard work just sharing this if needed

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