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Backup Image for SHD 8900Alien 1 Judder Fix 2017-06-25

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Backup Image for SHD 8900Alien 1 Judder Fix

This is steve101101 backup image that im uploading to here rather than 4shared. Ive enclosed as much info as i can for everyone.

Needs to be uploaded via spark i will upload the e2upgrade plug in for spark as well

load both files, e2jffs2.img, uImage onto formatted fat32 usb stick,update e2 via spark plugin e2updrade, select c drive for files, should take 7 mins or so.

Then put box into e2 mode and it should boot

Amiko Alien 8900 Open PLI Spark Hybrid Judder Fix by steve101101

Backup Image for SHD 8900 / Alien 1 (sti7111) - JUDDER FIX!
I took the OpenPLI Hybrid sti7111 image released on the 6th September and made it a bit more ready to run for us 28.2e folks. This one was released before the Amiko 2 image but it IS judder free.

1. Added AutoBouquets 28.2e plugin
2. Added Cool TV 6.0 Plugin
3. Added recent 1,332 Picon images for 28.2e
4. Modified Keymap (this can be changed back - original is keymap.xml.old - I used an Open-ARP keymap that I prefer )

Tested on 2 x Alien SHD 8900 boxes. Will also work on Golden Media Spark Reloaded (GM990) and Amiko Alien 1 boxes.

Ready to roll.


I fixed up the image a bit more and uploaded a new one - the previous one was causing glitching on certain channels, this should now be resolved.

1. Now uses oscam_ymod_v18-t34 as the cam - more stable than the previous version of oscam which caused glitching.
2. Restored original OpenPLI hybrid Keymap

Re: Backup Image for SHD 8900 / Alien 1 (sti7111) - JUDDER FIX!
Quote Originally Posted by theblueirish View Post
What are peoples over all thoughts on the judder fix?

i have tried a couple of different images on the 8900 and instead of the judder i am getting a pixelation sometimes followed by a black screen instead of the judder.

Both images I have tried are open pli hybrid images, would love to see a HDMU or OpenAR image fix.
Did you try this one - I re-uploaded with a new oscam version :

SPARK(GM990,AA) download - 2shared

I had the same issue using the oscam version used by j00zek in his original OpenPLI Hybrid image - pixelation followed by the info screen appearing all the time on certain channels - I tracked it down to long ECM's by looking at the oscam logs. I'm guessing the version of oscam he used wasn't dealing with long ECM's very well - I changed the oscam version to oscam_ymod_v18-t34 and the issue mostly went away. I might pull the oscam version off my old Open-ARP image as I had no cam issues on that image at all.

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