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[BackUp] DW v1.1 ** 2017-06-25

No permission to download
DigitalWorldz V1.1 Backup Working Catchup Plugins
I have been reading of the problems members of DigitalWorldz have been having getting the BBC iPlayer/ITV Player working on there Dreamboxes (800SE)

I have made a backup image with many extras included (plugins)
Rat's Bouquet Updater (updated version)
Crossepg (fixes included)
Cool TV Guide V6.4.0 (coloured buttons mapped, Red takes you into guide)
TS Panel 6.8
BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
GP2 FlashBackUp
Picons will show in Oled (if picons are used)


Menu Changes
Change bouquets in quickzap (enabled)
second infobar ON, Ok onfo bar, OK second infobar, OK off
swap SNRin db with SNR in percentage yes
Subtitle delay set to 0 helps with lipsync if you ever suffered with it
auto language (4) set to English by default
AC3 Yes
audio streams stored by service No
Timeshift recording set to /media/usb/ , also set to 120m timeshift
PLi-HD skin is Default
LT6-HD skin is also installed

This Is A BackUp Image Of DigitalWorldz V1.1 SSL84b, Everything Above Is Set Up And Been Tested Working before Release
Rat @digitalworldz

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don't download or flash this images at all , because after re flashing this images straight u get tuner

empty .and I tried every things from factory reset or ts panel to gets tuner back but it was unsuccessful. you have to flash the box with another image .thanks
When you say reboot dreambox again to setup mode do you mean reboot via computer then go to setup mode or do you mean just turn the swithc off at the back and turn back on whilst holding the on button?

Furthermore does it matter which ssl84b image we use?
This image looks to be everything im looking for appart from it has no MGcam 1.35a
Can you advised on how i might install this as its not available in the list of downloadable cams
will try this tonight :) thanks rat for the hard work
here what i done when got this error "Tuner Empty"
1-flash ssl84b for dm800se
2-reboot dreambox again to setup mode
3-flash this image(do not reboot)
4-flash ssl84b again
5-reboot dreambox
Tuners are empty here too. Do I need to reflash SSL84b bootloader?
hi i have the same issue tuners empty please help
I just flashed this to my DM800SE clone but both tuners (A and B) are empty, any suggestions?
Great work thanks so much, Crossepg fix is so helpful