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[B]Plugin XBMCAddons - for running xbmc addons 2017-06-25

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Plugin XBMCAddons - for running xbmc addons with enigma2

Hi Friends,

Here is a little plugin for running xbmc addons on enigma2 images. Tested on a dm500hd with the latest official image.

Please test the addons streaming German videos - as I cannot test them much in UK.

The image should have installed the rtmp support software. With some other images - also required python-imaging and python-html.

Install method :-

(1) Install plugin ipk.
(2) Unzip the attached xbmc addons (your choice !) and ftp to folder -


(3) Use Settings to set your cache folder.

For some rtmp streams - the Download must be selected first.

Please report which addons work - and which have problems. I shall test more addons in future and post them here.

Regards, pcd.
Thx @ pcd

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