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AutoBouquetMaker (ABM) - build: 121215 2017-06-25

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This is AutoBouquetMaker (ABM) ** from OE-Alliance team.

It is automatically incorporated into images (or available from plugin feeds) from OE-Alliance teams like OpenATV and OpenVix.

This plugin works on OpenPLi and Open BlackHole and may work on others but it currently does not work on BlackHole!

ABM allows automatic creation of bouquets from over 15 different providers including:-

  • Satellite 28.2 / 28.5 (Sky UK, Irl and Freesat UK)
  • Terrestrial UK Freeview
  • Cable (Virgin UK and Cable NL)
  • Satellite 19.2 (AustriaSat, Canal Digital, Mobistar FR/NL, TéléSAT, TV Vlaanderen)
  • Satellite 23.5 (AustriaSat, Canal Digital, SkyLink, TeleSat)
  • and a few others.

Features include setting regional area (if applicable) and user-selectable option to automatically update bouquets.

Channel numbering/ordering, by default, follows official provider ordering. So for Sky UK, channel numbering starts at 101.

Other options include the ability to automatically and easily add Setanta Sports, etc into Sky UK's bouquets. Other more advanced features are possible as well.

I take no credit for AutoBouquetMaker as all credit belong to Andy Blackburn (Vix) & Sandro Cavazzoni and this work was based on the idea from LraiZer. Thanks goes to those that maintain it including Huevos, @Abu Baniaz and anyone else.

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