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Amiko Alien 8900 Open PLI Spark Hybrid Judder Fix 2017-06-25

No permission to download
The guy doing the OpenPLI Hybrid images that incorporates the Judder fix (j00zek) - he's just released an updated one 2 days ago for Spark (sti7111) so its based on newer OpenPLI code

Its a basic image with no add ons pre installed but it is judder free.

If you cant install it via the normal method you need to boot into spark and run the e2upgrade plugin.

One thing to note is when upgrading through spark you dont need the firmware inside a folder named enigma2 you just have the two files on the root of the usb.

I was asked to upload this by RAT as external links dont always last so if there is anything that needs to be added please let me know.


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