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ADBFire 2017-06-25


  1. ketmp
    adbFire v202b (11/02/2016) for Windows

    adbFire is a companion program for devices running Android Kodi


    Install Programs without Android SDK
    ADB/Fastboot enabled command-line
    Busybox for root and non-root
    Extensive Hyperlinked Help
    Built-in WIFI/USB remote
    FireStarter Launcher for Fire OS
    Move Kodi data to external drives
    Manage devices via USB or IP address
    Manage multiple Android devices at once
    Custom Cache Support for Kodi Video
    adbFire database supports unlimited devices
    SSH and SFTP
    Extensive logging routines
    Built-in Log File Viewer
    Checks online for program updates
    Install/Uninstall Apps
    Backup/Restore Kodi data
    File Management features
    Root Functions

    Install rbox v3 recovery for 4K Fire TVs
    Mount USB Drives/Sticks:
    Mount Formats exFat,VFAT,NTFS,Ext*,HFS+
    Mount USB Drives/Sticks by UUID or Label
    Samba file sharing
    Boot scripting via init.d
    Mount Android filesystem R/W
    and more ...

    Installation instructions
    Uninstall prior versions. Double-click the downloaded adbfw202.exe setup file.

    Upgrading from earlier versions
    All: If you are upgrading from adbFire 1.30 or greater you may copy the adbfire.db database file from your old release to the new release. This will allows you to upgrade without having to re-enter your data.


    Otherwise, do not mix content from earlier releases with the new release. This includes all files,scripts, etc. If you do, you will break things.

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