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60 Questions for 17th City and Guilds 2382 Paper 1 2017-06-25

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60 Questions for 17th City and Guilds 2382-15 Paper 1

Use these City and Guilds Questions to get to grips with the BS7671, this is a level 3 paper you will need to understand how to navigate the IET BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations to find answers to the questions.

This in my opinion is better than a simulator as it will allow you to use the book at the same time. and get used to navigating all the sections and tables for the answers.

This is a must for all trainee / apprentice Electricians

Sample Questions:

BS 7671 applies to

a) equipment on board ships
b) lightning protection of buildings
c) lift installations
d) prefabricated buildings.

A corridor containing supporting structures for cables and joints and/or other elements of wiring systems, the dimensions of which allow persons to pass freely throughout the entire length, is know as

a) an access pathway
b) a cable tunnel
c) an access through-way
d) cable ducting.

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of the supply?

a) The nature of the current and frequency
b) The earth fault loop impedance external to the installation
c) Main switch current rating
d) The nominal voltage

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