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2017-01-06 - FileZilla Client 3.24.0-rc1 2017-06-25

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2017-01-06 - FileZilla Client 3.24.0-rc1 released

New features:
The context menu for remote file search results now has a "Copy URL(s) to clipboard" item
Alt+number can now be used to switch between tabs in addition to Ctrl+number
SFTP hostkey fingerprints are now also shown as base64 encoded SHA256 hashes to match the new format displayed by OpenSSH
Bugfixes and minor changes:
Errors at the end of SFTP transfers now correctly result in transfer failures instead
Cancelling synchronized browsing questions no longer prevents further directory changes
Fix display issues for the filter conditions dialog
Fix deleting multiple extensions on the filetype page in the settings
OS X: Do not open dialogs while already processing an event, e.g. while a context menu is open
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