Thread: Ps3 Headset Recommendations

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    Ps3 Headset Recommendations

    can anyone recommend a good all round headset for the ps3, im currently using an old bluetooth headset i got with a mobile phone, but im looking to get something a bit better, i havnt got money to burn but i have around 100 quid to spend



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    Re: Ps3 Headset Recommendations

    Not sure there are many made esp for the ps3 except the px21's from turtle beach.... 40/50 quid..... Add those to the dss amp ive just posted in bargains and a decent surround sound headset/setup for 70 quid.

    I had a set of px21's and the mic stopped working after a week with no abuse but this was when they were brand new so hopefully they've ironed out that issue.
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    Re: Ps3 Headset Recommendations

    I had a 0.99 pence bluetooth head set? Jabba? I think it was, was for me old nokia, worked quite well on the ps3 I admit....
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    Re: Ps3 Headset Recommendations

    Anything in the low end of turtle beach would be okay but as above i had no problems using a really cheap bluetooth set

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    Re: Ps3 Headset Recommendations

    try ebay n dont spend more than a few quid not worth it tbh

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