Thread: Need help with a laptop!

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    Re: Need help with a laptop!

    Definitely a dodgy HD, get new one and do a clean win 7 install, and you could do a chkdsk /r to fix the old disk and attach it as an external drive.

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    Re: Need help with a laptop!

    Judging by the look of the desktop wallpaper, it's got Vista on it. Even if it boots, rebuilt it with a half decent OS, nobody wants vista.


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    Re: Need help with a laptop!

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    Re: Need help with a laptop!

    Boot using Ubuntu on a USB, open the "disks" application and see if the hard drive appears. if it doesnt then the hard drive is either dead or the SATA port on the laptop is faulty. To confirm, plug the hard drive into another computer (using a SATA to USB adapter) and see if it comes up.

    If the hard drive is present on the disks application, then check the SMART status. If it is red etc. then try and access your data and backup ASAP and replace the hard drive. If the status is green etc, then windows bootable repair options should fix it for you, if not, back up data and reinstall the OS!

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