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Thread: software help needed please

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    software help needed please

    I downloaded the film > a cinderella story of torrent in mpeg format to problem. It was in two files that i joined with easy joiner . But when i come to convert it with cucusoft it starts to convert no problem then after it is at 75% to 80% windows error message comes up saying there was a problem ? but dont tell me what ?. I have tried to convert a few this week & they have all failed to convert ? it is not the codecs as i have the right codecs installed . i did try to convert with TMPGEnc that did do it but when i did the last leg of my converting to vob that was ok then burnt it onto a dvd it was all jumpy & the sound was too ? can anyone advice me please . Mysister is having the same problem with cucusoft she went & installed another but that is doing the same ok thanks please advise as this is driving me nuts ps all the films did play in windows media no problem . or is there a better converting software out there that i can use an easy one to use lol

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    software help needed please

    Sounds like a dodgy download to me m8. Bin it!!!!!!!! I use tmpgenc to decode and like it lots. Regards Carl.

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    use vcdgear and do mpeg to mpeg and tick fix mpeg errors
    Regards davidh

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    i would use dvd santa to do it.

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    THe out of sync part may be due to you using frame rate conversion in Tmpeg. Try to switch that off and encode again, see if it's still jumpy. Worked for me coupla times

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