Thread: how do i get around the admin password for the system. forgot it

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    how do i get around the admin password for the system. forgot it

    Hi all,

    recently i had a little problem, well quite a big problem really. my xp crashed and i tried to use the repair function of my xp disk.. only it asked me to put in a admin password ...which i have forgotton what i put. i think the password is the same one you need to put in to go onto BIOS etc
    I think i have seen a program that resets this to nothing or default.. anyone know...?
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    Here's a couple of links to try for starters...

    The second link calims to ...

    "Change password of any user, including administrator of Windows NT/2000/XP OS. You do not need to know the old password."

    Good luck.


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    Go into the downloads section on here mate, look for the xp password reset download, download it burn to disk using clone cd as its a clone cd image. boot from CD and follow the on screen instructions

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