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    Just purchase this box and cant wait to get it set up. I have read somewhere that this box can also be used as server. Just wanted to know if anybody has got the sly card working in this box and is it possible.


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    Re: Skybox + Server

    If you're talking about a genuine Sky box, i don't think you will be able to use it as a server mate.
    its not a linux box so i don't see how it will comunicate with client boxes
    sorry just re read the post and you are talking about the Skybox and not THE SKY BOXES
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    Re: Skybox + Server

    If it is a generic skybox - same as the openboxHD & SolomendHD then it is not an open linux box. It is closed box & cannot be ftp'd or used as a server ~ only as a client.

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    Re: Skybox + Server

    the new firmware allows you to use this box as a server i believe ... dont know how but i believe it can now with the latest fw

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    Re: Skybox + Server

    Can someone post the latest firmware please, the link is invalid in the firmware thread.

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    Exclamation Re: Skybox + Server

    Quote Originally Posted by ste03 View Post
    the new firmware allows you to use this box as a server i believe ... dont know how but i believe it can now with the latest fw
    This is what I have read in another forum cannot remember where now but with latest firmware sly crd works in skybox s9 which is why I asked in case some of the members here who have had the box longer may have figured how this may be done. I will try and find out where I got info from and post here with results

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