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    Chrome not working

    Hey all! I went onto my mums laptop and opened chrome (wanted to watch a film with my family). It opened and it completely crashed a few seconds after opening it. So we closed it and tried it again. Did it a couple of times and it didn't work. Then we went into task manager to see what was running. We closed down all the chromes and anything we didn't think needed to be running. So we tried chrome again and it didn't work. Any ideas why its not working or how we can fix it

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    Re: Chrome not working

    Go to control panel and uninstall it then re install it see if that sorts it

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    Re: Chrome not working

    Hi AmberCat, while reinstalling might work this time and should not be too difficult for you to do; I usually just first ask my mum did you try a restart? cause you may not always be close by when these things happen.

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    Re: Chrome not working

    Whenever that happens, you probably also want to check your extensions, you could also try going to C:\Users\yourusername\Appdata\local\Google, and moving or renaming the Chrome folder from there to see if maybe something in the user profile is causing it. May be worth doing before trying a reinstall (not that reinstalling chrome messes it up any, though)

    It also should go without saying that if it crashes on a particular website, after you open it up again and it asks if you want to restore the pages, if you restore the pages you just go right back to the website that caused it to crash in the first place. So usually just give it 1 chance to restore pages before giving up and starting a new session.

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