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    my Toshiba salellite c850 running slow can anyone help me

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    any virus,malware or other nasties onboard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cactikid View Post
    any virus,malware or other nasties onboard?
    no viruses on board or malware go by scan

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    doing a google check there are many posts of running slow been fixed if you did the august update then noticed it laggy.

    windows 10 running slow fix - Google Search

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    Re: laptop

    Sometimes there's only one thing for it.

    A quick format and reinstallation.

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    Download ccleaner and run it and then check your startup items and deleat what not required and then defrag it
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    Re: laptop

    Try this i find it brilliant Download Toolwiz Care if you have problems give me a shout

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    Re: laptop

    if your gona try this program get it from here. ToolWiz Care - Download
    at least it doesn't block you for using adblockers

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