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    Slim or tiny Win 7


    As title says, does anyone know of,any links for an uptodate slim or tiny version of windows 7, as have got an old PC here with only 512mb of ram?


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    Re: Slim or tiny Win 7

    you may try tiny 7, you can get it from torrent.. i dont know bout it.. but was looking for tiny win os for a raspberry pi.. but i think it is not possible.. yet.

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    Re: Slim or tiny Win 7

    why would you want to put windows on a Pi may I ask? also look for 'Windows 7' thin client (it's supposed to be a terminal but does a;; the standard garble windows does)

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    Re: Slim or tiny Win 7

    There is a version of 7/8 and 10 for thin clients. Windows Embedded line. It works great and does not need activation.

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