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    Motoring 'cheaper than in 1988'

    Do they really expect us to swallow this. The RAC talk nonsense, try to find someone that has something positive to say about them, now theres a great quiz
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    Man takes overdose after £6k bill

    I'm just glad he recovered to fight another day. This country really has gone down hill. Big companies can do what they like and have to answer to no-one. Its time for a major revamp on certain things in this country.
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    Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks

    Gordon didnt become a big lad dieting. And we were all taught as kids not to refuse food when offered as its rude so he really had no choice
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    Police held down an innocent man on train and put a gun to his head

    The Police get it wrong again, its not only Americans that can blame G Bush for all the problems they incur. if he hadnt started all this that man could have went about his day like normal people are susposed to do
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    Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'

    The world really has gone mad. Its yet another sign of the times we live in.
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    Chelsea astronomical bid for Brazilian Kaka.

    Kaka would be worth the money, that is for sure. he's got skill, talent in a bundance and he's honest. He can tackle and track back defending, In many ways Ronaldo could learn a few things from him. God I hope Chelsea sign him, with Sheva set to leave I need a new name for my shirt.
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    Bin Laden family in bid for Newcastle

    Does it matter who buys the club. Newcastle are a well supported club, thats it. They will never be a top club. They could win a best fans category but thats about it. All we ever hear and read is hype, try enjoying your mid table respectablity and enjoy getting to play the big teams every...
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    Crouch poised for Pompey switch

    I hope he gets treated better at Pompey. He's not the worst player about yet never got the games he deserved. Good Luck Crouchy
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    Aston Villa forgoes lucrative shirt sponsorship to promote charity

    Its a breath of fresh air to see a club give something to a worth while cause, may they reach the UEFA Cup next season for there generousity. The CL is just a bridge to far no matter how generous they are.
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    DW Fantasy Football League - 2008/2009

    I just joined the DW league, looking forward to it so I am. Come on Zolas Allstars YAY
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    The Happening!!!!

    I just bought it and havent got round to watching it yet lol, thats put a damper on things now as I was looking forward to it lol
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    Ive set up a quiz

    I only got 4/10 this time, big drop from 9/10 last time I did quiz lol
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    the Premiere League 2008/2009

    Liverpol never seem to do it unless its Europe, I keep wondering if anyone will break the top four monopoly but I cant see it. Torres was one hell of a signing with his best years ahead of him.
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    Bikes left on the floor outside shops doors

    I agree with manutd4life, you should have put the bike in the van. The look on there faces when they came out of the shop would have been priceless lol
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    An Irishman, an Italian, and a Polish guy

    That was a good joke I ddnt see the ending to the joke coming. Made me laugh