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  • Hi there,dont know if you remember me,saw your name and thought..nilrem...mmm(merlin),we used to communicate on ***** forum,my normal username is cyprusdunc..does that ring a bell.
    What are you up to now?I am still dabbling with sats, progressed to linux boxes a while ago.Was banned from ***** for disagreeing with the ethics of the "top table".In response myself and a few others set up a new forum called Allsats, if you are interested we can be found on AllSats ... World of Enigma - Index

    Mainly concentrate on linux/enigma systems and have progressed to about 4000 members,I,m still based in Cyprus,and dont do anything with metaboxes now,gave my last one away.Are you still doing reverse engineering?a little beyond my knowledge but I find getting to grips with linux, Take care, Dunc.
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