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    Intelsat 20 68.5 East

    New mux.
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    Intelsat 902 62° East Feeds

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    Testcards any satellite

    57E C band
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    C band feeds

    SES-4 22° West
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    UHD/4K Satellite tv channels

    51.5° East
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    VPN Best VPN

    I use...
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    Duhok TV on NSS-12 at 57 East

    Duhok is still active.
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    If you ever get round to it 20E 40E 46E are good places to start :).
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    Intelsat 17 66° East

    Not much active at this location.
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    Hi, I know this thread is old, did you get the chance to test ? there's a few C band satellites easy to capture with your size dish.
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    Eutelsat 70B 70.5° East

    New mux started here a few days ago
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    Temporary FTA

    Pink channels FTA 16E.
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    UHD/4K Satellite tv channels

    16E HEVC Teststream, not listed as uhd on flysat.
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    Hi, ive not used the Snipe but reading up on this system I don't think you will find a better solution, looking at this video you should be able to find any satellite you wanted by reprograming the box ?.
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    Arabsat 5A at 30.5°E (FSS Pan-Arab Beam)

    RTD TV now at 10812 H 15000 East Mena beam, not listed @ Flysat