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    Indian Pole Dancers

    well im impressed just asked the misses if she'd get me a pole for the bedroom so i could try it she still aint stopped laughing yet : shocked2
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    The Night Sky Over Equador

    i've been lucky ive seen this for real and what a amazing sight would reconmend it to anyone to try and see this with your own eyes best veiwed with a meteor shower will make you cry :Proud:
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    Signed up to vermin 50meg BB!!

    well mine wired every room in the house apart from the kitchen and bathroom which was 5 rooms and all i had was a 50 meg modem and standard box glad the wife has big boobies :)
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    New HD Channels

    i hate sky they are greedy you know what i would love to see..... a meteor or solarflare knock out all the astra satellites forever rather a meteor so only astra gets wham bam biffed
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    Get Ready for the Perseids: Join the World in Watching

    good post recommended to watch its awesome if you have clear skys
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    Why Did You Come To DW?

    i have never come on DW ................................... thats a lie really first it was monkey then it was tina now its evastar :aye:
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    Ronseal Quick drying

    been those places and they dearer than what i pay now was hoping for a trade place where i pay less that i do now guess contact ronseal for pallet load or summut like that thanks anyway
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    avatar change please

    can my avatar be this please
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    Ronseal Quick drying

    anyone know where i can buy ronseal products cheap or bulk buy looking for ronseal quick drying walnut wood stainer want to buy like 10-20 2.5 ltrs unless i can buy a drum of it any ideas ?
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    Obama threatens court action over US oil spill

    well if i was BP i would say "FU america suck my black stuff" they oughta work on stopping this leak spill what ever it is before blaming anyone its wildlife thats dying not people (other than the ones on the rig)
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    Thunderstorms Predicted for the Weekend

    could do with a desent thunderstorm aint see one in years weather aint what it used to be lol
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    Budget day, time to take our medicine

    have to agree with you 100% depends if there is just 2 of you or a family of 4 agree with that too imo i dont think the welfare has been hit at all i reckon the benifits should be cut more a lot more and the savings given to the pensioners if you dont contribute you shouldnt get...
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    N3 cracked , i seen it

    one thing that puzzles me why do peep say never ? someone came up with the n3 did peeps say never will it work? it will be cracked one day but the n4 will probably be on standby blah blah blah have faith but then get ready for summut else :Proud:
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    Twin girls injured in suspected fox attack in London

    bit slow on hearing about this and i dont believe it why would a fox go in a house , up the stairs and attack kiddies nah dont believe it all lies did they test the fox for dna ? doubt it i dont wish it on the kids but hey its nature guessing us humans have forgotten what nature is all about