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    Manchester United thread

    Jose in or out!?
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    DW Lottery, Saturday 24th

    7, 11, and 13 please @Napster Btw...what do we win!?
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    10 years

    Congrats mate, 13 years for me, just returned after a long absence. It's an amazing site!
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    Rememberance Sunday

    Ultimate respect to all service men and women past and present. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
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    Who are the lawmakers "who have never been elected by anyone" ?
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    600 For Me

    What the... Why has this ancient thread been dug up!?
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    Mobile Phones What can I do?

    Been contacted by someone from BT Mobile's CEO's office and apparently he's assigned to sort this out and keep in touch with me. Although, it seems even this isn't really going to help me, gotta wait till Monday before I hear anything and even then it could take up to 7 days to fix the issue. So...
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    Mobile Phones What can I do?

    No luck with that mate. Thanks anyway.
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    Mobile Phones What can I do?

    Just done that mate. CEO's of BT Mobile and O2. Here's hoping I get a reply...
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    Mobile Phones What can I do?

    Having a bloody nightmare at the moment... Moved from BT Mobile to O2 and wanted to port my number over. Got the PAC Code from BT Mobile, gave it to O2, was told it would all be done in 24 hours no problem. After 24 hours my number was only partially ported, meaning I could make outgoing...
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    Ralph Lauren Shirts

    Cheers guys!
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    Sensible Topic Alternative to sugar

    Stay away from the sweetners mate, some are cancer causing and much worse for your health than sugar in the first place. Honey in tea works well as an alternative to sugar.
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    Ralph Lauren Shirts I know this site is obviously selling fakes, coming from China. But has anyone ordered from them and if so, how are the shirts? Anyone know any other sites for cheap RL shirts?
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    Best Mobile Network

    Some interesting responses. I was thinking about this, and back to when Apple was choosing which network to exclusively launch the iPhone on to and eventually they went for O2. Was wondering if that meant in thier opinion it was the best overall UK network. Certainly from my experience, O2...
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    Best Mobile Network

    So what is the best mobile network to be on? I've tried O2, Tesco, 3, and BT Mobile. O2 and Tesco the best, BT Mobile and 3 were totally useless.