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    Pyronix Sterling 10 alarm help

    26 Years - Lol ...... I was 13 - TBH it's a sh!thole....Too many empty shops on the High St & idiots hanging around
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    Pyronix Sterling 10 alarm help

    Would be a great job to Bahrain Lol Blue Posts?? TBH When I do go out prefer Boro
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    Pyronix Sterling 10 alarm help

    Now if you need an Engineer to attend to complete the job & willing to pay all costs ............... :Hit: Hope you received the manuals @ Him Her £10 for the manuals... I might have to give up being an Engineer and start selling my copies :thumbsup:
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    Pyronix Sterling 10 alarm help

    Send me your email address - I'll send full manual as it will need to be fully re-programmed
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    4x Kingston 8GB DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive £16.14 Delivered

    Thanks for the Link Joe - Arrived on Sat - Took nearly a week to be delivered from ordering.
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    Bought this system a few weeks back

    Doesn't look a bad bit of kit for the price - The camera quality ain't too bad at 420TVL. The thing to remember with recording to a HDD is the higher quality images the lower the recording time. I've just installed of of these : Premium 4 channel CCTV kit with iPhone login 1TB HDD & 540TVL in...
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    Best sites to advertise car for sale...
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    help with cctv on my home please

    Don't know where you get your cable from but I use Silverline RG59 Coaxial Cable (100m) Add £5 for delivery - When I pay via Paypal it's delivered within 2 days
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    help with cctv on my home please

    Yeah - Process of elimination - Can now send the cables back & have new one's supplied :)
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    Hiding TV Cables in walls...

    Don't want to be a killjoy but it's very rare you will find the socket ring in the loft - Sockets normally go down the wall & under the floorboards. Could you not take a socket off the wall & see if you can run the cable up to behind the Tv as well as down the wall from the loft for the Aerial...
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    help with cctv on my home please

    As a trial could you power the camera close to the location & just use the coax - If the camera is ok that way you don't need to re-run cables all the way back.
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    help with cctv on my home please

    As long as you have 12vDc - 13.5vDc & 500Ma per camera it shouldn't be a problem. On another note - Are the power supplies located near the camera? Could you power the camera near to it's location & just run the coax back? This way the power is only a short run and would eliminate a power drop.
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    help with cctv on my home please

    An in-line filter for Cctv Coax is known as a "Humbug" - Most cctv suppliers should stock them. As stated they just plug in-line with your coax. With regards to the power running with coax - If the camera's are 12vDc this shouldn't be a problem as "shotgun" cable is made this way for cctv...
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    can we have a cctv section

    Q: Do we make it a CCTV section or Security Section covering Cctv, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Access Control? I know there are several electricians on here and at least 2 Intruder/Cctv engineers
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    Cheapest i5 Laptop - bargain part 2

    Mick Found it at Comet for £499.99 - I think it's the one Dutcho's on about. Buy ACER ASPIRE 5750 | 15.6" LAPTOP - Laptops | Comet Just noticed it's out of stock