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    Forum Rules All please read

    See post 9
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    Just installed Smart IPTV and get black screen every 10-20 seconds for a second or two

    The problem is probably not the app you are using but the streams instead, if you are using free streams and do not have a sub, that is more than likely the issue
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    IPTV box for dummies

    I dont have 4k so cannot comment on that, what is great is the catchup just scroll backwards on the EPG and click on a show you want.
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    IPTV box for dummies

    I would go for a formuler Z8, android box with its own IPTV app which is the best I have used
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    i was gonna get one of these ok google things until i realised that it saved everthing on your phone

    Does not make sense, they pay google, there are no adds, and they do not charge you. How do they make the money to pay google?
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    Problems with Mgcam for ATV6

    You have to be a useful member of the forum so you need at least 5 posts and one has to be liked so no point in spamming
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    What’s the best box Ona budget

    Have to say that I find very little difference between using my Z7+ on IPTV and my ET8500 Emigna2 box with a VM line. That really is how good these boxes are
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    What’s the best box Ona budget

    Will be interested to see what you think of the Z8 it has a new version of MyTVOnline, the one on the Z7 is great, although I have not tried recording, I am not sure that recording works that well, but my supplier has great Catch up so it does not bother me. The Catch up by the way is great you...
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    What’s the best box Ona budget

    Unlimited data for £22 per month on mifi looks good, only problem for me is I have a lot of wired devices
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    What’s the best box Ona budget

    I have the z7 and love it
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    Sensible Topic Amazon prime

    I share an account with my mother (well not sure it is strictly shared) I have just added my card details and delivery address, and when ever we by anything we just have to make sure we use the right card details. I works fine if you trust the other person
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    Cable and multisat channel query

    Why has VM gone dark for you? Still fine here
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    I agree she has been radicalised, what we don't know if that was through grooming. She needs to be interrogated
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    Please look up the definition of "groomed" it has nothing to do with booze or drugs
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    Google Home, Chromecast, and Smart DNS

    I have the above 3 working together, in that I can one CBS on my phone start an episode of FBI and cast it, then use voice commands to pause etc. What I can't do is say "OK Google, plat FBI on CBS" and ideas of a work round on this?