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  • Dear Jimmy.
    I need boxkey and rsa extract service from a zon tvcabo receiver.
    can you please pm with price processe time and all the info.

    Best regards
    Hi, are you still taking out the box keys and RSA?
    Could you please answer on this mail: no email addys allowed thanks....
    Jimmy - it's now fixed!

    I had a network problem with an IP conflict. This was due to NAT on my Ethernet to Wireless gateway being switched on.

    The symptoms are something to note as there is always a Service+ connection acknowledged even though the connection is not valid?

    Can you send me list of channels that are supported by Service+

    Many thanks for your assistance.

    hmmm i not sure why then mate reboot box and router and try again thats all i can suggest to you
    Similar agian .... Selected Novasports1 when I 'info' twice - it flashes up for a brief time:

    Source: Service+
    ECM PID: 0X5F2

    EDITED - to make clear - it's the INFO message that flashes up before being overwritten by "Scrambled" - not the channel picture.
    Well its interesting.

    I cannot view any of the Supersports Channels (scrambled) however when I 'info' twice - it flashes up for a brief time:

    Source: Service+
    ECM PID: 0X1D64

    Many thanks
    Hi Jimmy - read the Forums and your definately the man who knows!!

    I have a new Spiderbox 9000 and from what I underestand, the "Gift" has been dropped & the "Service+" will become the single standard moving forward.
    This is somewhat confirmed as I had no "Registration Code" in the box, nor does a registration code popup when I register for the nuevoxstream service - just times out and errors with invalid registration key?

    Question regarding Service+, I have an 'box generated' registration code present and status is shown as connected - is there anything else I need to do to activate the channels as I dont have anything unlocked.

    As we are in the crossover period between the two gift services I'm not sure what to expect - I cant find any info specifically relating to Service+ expectations alone.

    I have loaded softcams and these do indeed work.

    Many thanks.


    PS I tried to subcribe to Spiderbox.tv but I never recieve the confirmation e-mail? and they are not in junk?

    I need the Boxkey and rsa KEY OF my upc receiver.
    Can you fix this for me?
    PLease contact me.
    HI Jimmy,

    Don't want to post a link on the site coz it breaks the rules, what do you think about this website is it genuine or not its key site which shows n3 keys. Why would there be a website for n3 keys if its not hacked.

    Also I think there is a prob with the forum I can't post anything comes up with database error.

    cheers m8.

    nagra 3
    hello m8 just wondering if u can give me a little advice m8 i have 2 boxes that do`nt work pace 4001 one just makes a clicking noise and other is stuck on 88:88 i was trying to see if i could get them working as a favor but not clued up on this subject at all !! any help wud b nice if poss m8 thanx
    hi mate..how you doing? hey can u helpme out.. i kno your site is not handling *** fixes and stuff no more.. but could you point me in the right direction in where i can find this now? thnx mate.

    and i would like to say thnx for all the help i recieved from this forum!!! extremly brilliant!
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