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  • hiya mate i need some advice about xbox 360 and i though u the best person to ask, can u flash a xbox 360 arcade? if yes is it easy to do? can u do it with a usb stick so u don't need to open it? am planning to buy one and so b4 i buy it i though i get information first, can i use a external hard drive? or dvd-rom to play copy games on xbox 360?
    i'v just seen one of ur msg on a post and u were happy to mod the xbox so he can play copy games i also need some help so i though i ask u if u can please do me a favour and help me mod xbox 360 too? cos i though i get some help first than buy the console lol

    Hi mate i'l answer ur q's in a list makes it easier:

    1. yes you can flash an xbox arcade
    2. It might involve soldering (google boxddr) if it has a liteon 9 series
    3. the only way to mod is to open it up... cannot be done via usb
    4. no.. you cant play copied games from and external hdd/dvd
    5. i can mod your console or help you over DW

    hope this helps

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