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    Daily download limit

    Hello :) How about introducing a system that keeps track of how many days a person hasn’t logged onto DW, so then said person would be able to use the number of downloads accumulated? :)
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    Hello MailWasher Free - The Popular Free Spam Blocker, Used By Millions A nice spam email blocker program that intercepts junk/spam emails. :)
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    Mame on Xbox one

    Thank you :) I’ll have a look at it
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    My Hobbies

    Pottering about in my shed, playing guitar, gaming, teasing my cats
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    Can’t delete replies?

    Hello Am I being a bit of a numpty, or is there no option to delete a reply to a post? Or maybe I just got up too early this morning... 🤣
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    Mame on Xbox one

    Hello folks Been wondering if mame, or any other emulators can be run on Xbox one? Any success?
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    Xbox controller

    My Xbox one controller finally broke after 3 years of abuse. My new one arrived! My wife thinks I’m a nerd... 🤣
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    old game i'd love

    lol just browsing through the much to see! yep, got a lot of catching up to do!
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    old game i'd love

    the commodore 64 version tormented me for a few months before I finally finished it!
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    Sensible Topic Self-sustaining power

    My grandparents used to live in Russell :) I lived in Wellington for the majority, until coming here 5 1/2 years ago
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    Software MP4 editor recommendations

    MPEG editor and DVD editor - Womble Multimedia, Inc. I’ve been using this mpeg editor for some time now. Nice program, and it’s free :)
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    Lucid dreaming

    I read somewhere about one method that claims to induce them: Sleep for 6 hours, get out of bed for 30 mins or until you start to feel sleepy again. After a few weeks you should be able to have lucid dreams I haven't tried this, so can't say that it works. Let me know if you try this! :(
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    Helpful websites for trainee electricians

    Hello For those training to be qualified electricians, (myself included), these websites helped me: Electrical qualifications, courses and exams explained | 2365 Index These are up to 18th edition :) Good luck students!