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    Winrar bug being exploited

    hmm I have a 3.8 version, that don't sound good.
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    Sensible Topic Is 14 weeks enough

    people get kicked the f**k out of them on the streets with cctv footage, and the perpetrator gets and away with it, should bring the birch back a few strokes of that will make em change the mind about doing it again, too soft the system we have ;)
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    ip camera

    HERE put in this code at payment method OYO5QHFH should then drop to £17.99 be quick few left
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    It's back again !!! Free Wilkinson Sword Hydro Sense 5 Razor

    Got mine today :) even thou I have a beard the wife will use it 👍 Cheers
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    IP Camera reccomendations

    Hey, got one of these couple of weeks ago, it was a sale at amazon got it for £15.29, must say its pretty good and has good range, didn't think I would be able to pick up but it did, read the reviews it speaks for its, and when you get it give it a review and they will send you a sd card for...
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    Need help setting up H264 DVR

    have a look HERE this will give ya clue, he has links in the description for the software CMS seems to work on most of the chinese cheapys.
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    Merry Christmas DigitalWorldz

    I hope you all have a good Christmas and I hope santa brought you what you have always wanted ;) Merry Christmas
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    5.1 surround sound systems

    I have the yamaha which is pretty old been thinking of upgrading it as the new ones have the hdmi ports not the avi, loads out there to choose from :)
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    5.1 surround sound systems

    just an example m8 not saying buy anything from them ;)
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    5.1 surround sound systems

    something like this, use your original speakers HERE
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    Hey, these look like reasonable prices just thought ya could take a look for ya stuff, might get some myself HERE Cheers
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    Welcome to the new Zgemma Satellite Forum

    Get an extension lead for ya ethernet cable, cheap as chips on ebay
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    Sensible Topic Has anyone used this site to buy phones

    I bought a UE ultimate ears boom 2 from these, yeah not uk based, but it was 20 quid cheaper and all good so maybe i was one of the lucky ones. Cheers FocuS
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    For our members in the West of Scotland.

    thought this was good too :)
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    BIOS/UEFI Acer Nightmare

    try this m8 Secure Boot is a feature designed to prevent malicious software and unauthorized media from loading during the boot process. This option is enabled by default, but can be turned off in UEFI / BIOS. Completely shut down your computer. Power on the system. As soon as the first...