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  • Hi, Fezzy
    A year ago you had a Nagravision Cam made by SCM to give to gooner, if I remember. Can you please tell me if you still have it, or if you don't, where to buy one from?
    I would really appreciate your help.
    My e-mail address is [email protected]
    Hi Fezzy
    Can you help with the question of the diablo 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade?
    Help most appreciated
    Hey Fezzy, Thanks for the Reply. Still trying to work out what A*sat is though only thing I can think of is astarsat? and google not much help. lol .
    Say I happened to get a Diablo 2.3 CAM + CAS 3 Programmer would I then need to go and get a sly card subscription or are there alternative cards.
    Apologies for the questions, I used to be a "cable guy" but recently switched to Sat and have opened a whole can of worms apparently.
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