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    Simple Guide To Flashing Dreambox 500c?

    Just for clarity - the post is headed 'FLASHING THE DREAMBOX 500C' and you've cut/pasted text for the DBOX (if you have a DBOX, Sagem, Nokia etc - then ignore the text below)! If it's a DM500C - then DreamUp, a null modem cable and any working image (i.e. DW 1.6.2) will install a working...
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    Dreambox 500c Low SNR %

    It's still pretty cheap versus a years subs for SS1 & 3 ;)
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    Real word processing on the web

    I like 'Thinkfree' as an easy online office pack. Agree that open source apps are better alround though
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    Replay Lite V756 now with Irish Chorus Network Support

    Copied - but good news for the Chorus users :) Release date : 08/10/2007 Version : V756 Model : Replay Lite Unit File Download : here Features : In addition to the UK cable providers - this release now supports the Chorus network in Ireland. FAQ's 1. V752 is still working...
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    where is sky one ?

    Cheers Muskrat. Not sure if that makes johnny bravo feel any better or not ;)
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    replay fault

    It'll be buried in TVCH something M8. It's def there - somewhere - honest! Push comes to shove - do full scan, and check yur TVCH area - which part of the country and who was you 'pre VM provider'?? Maybe get a channel dump from someone?? If you know anyone who does have a box -...
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    where is sky one ?

    LOL - Doohhhhh!!! :silly::doh: You'll be missing Prison Break too ;) Sky News and Sports News has gone as well - Ricky Branston and The Murdochs had a spat over the cost of providing Sky 1 etc to cable. I think they're taking Sky 1 off Freeview and other formats to monopolise it -...
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    Arnet aka kryptview

    I'm seriously not slagging this box because until 5 minutes ago I'd never heard of it... but as Witchy says - ffs - how many of these supposed cable wonder boxes do we need?? There's tons of them out there now and if you're at the 'it's just teething problems with this one' - why aint you...
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    Not flashing

    @dumbmayh3m... Which box do you have? Simple question - asked over and over? Red Box/Black Box? Answering this will definitely speed things up! If it's a new Black Series V (2008) then your one of the many users who are mix and matching old flsh software (Dnupman) along with the previous...
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    Digivox...New Firmware...OUT SOON!!!

    Apologies to those who took my post as some kind of diatribe - it was more to do with the varied support on the DV. I've got one - and the EPG is so poor it's awful. To be fair though the Replay Lite EPG is (about half) as poor in my area. The DV is an average box - but the user interface...
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    ### Eurovox Services - Please post here ###

    It would be very useful if all the people who benefit from this site 'do' upload here.. See a lot of requests - but not as many replies - come on folks - don't just rely on others - help those who have helped you :banana:
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    Is my dbox2 dead?

    @pepper - work on the base assumption : 1. If it's just lost channels over the months - then that's natural - the frequencies move and you have to re-scan and update these boxes like the others. 2. If it suddenly lost more than this - then there's possiblye a problem. IF - as your post...
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    Euro Vox Max 3 Glitching.

    Without any splitters - and a straight cable feed you should be getting hi 80s lo 90% signal. If not - then borrow someone elses box. If it's the same - problems is likely to be in your house and not the unit M8. Usual problems : 1. Had cable for ages = digital on outside - old analog...
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    Eurovox Max

    True! And as all the wise grandma's of us always said 'them that buys cheap buys dear'... You get what you pay for ;) Credit to those grandparents! :Hit:
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    Eurovox Max

    Why does anyone buy from fleaBay when you've got little or no comeback if there's a problem?? There's a few 'Authorised Sellers' on their but the cheaper one's seem to be 'short termers', students, etc who have just bought a few cartons and resold making enough to cover this weekends brain...