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  • what satellite are you pointed at?,to get the best you realy need to be motorised,have you opened the link yet?if so you will need to register with them first, then in the forum if you scroll down the list until you see the verified server section open that and if you click on one advertiser and on that page somewhere there will be a link either by pm or email to a 24hr test line,it is realy easy just first when you are not sure seems hard,you will get there in the end,i did.
    thank u m8 just got in now sorry for the delay im pretty much new to this all dont even knw wt im lookin for. wat exactlydo i need to watch the good stuff
    hi easymo i am wondering when u got ur boxkey sorted u put the box serial number into the generator but u are meant to have 17 characters and my boxes serial number is only 10 characters any chance u could enlighten me please how u sorted this

    thanks don
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