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    Skybox F5s f5 advice please

    Newcamd seems to be working best for me at the moment. On a side note managed to install the new f5s firmware on to my f5. Looks much cleaner and a 7 day epg as well.
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    Skybox F5s Skybox f3/f5/f3s/f5s latest channel list 1st december 2013

    :roflmao: Well its .....:thumbsup: or :comp1:
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    Warning to all you plug+play boys looking for a xmas pressie

    A lot are been sold now in a panic. Don't want to get caught with stock me thinks well just in case.
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    how long will it last

    Soon me thinks. Will there be a work around? well we'll see. If anything I think the price of ip will start to come down with more competition.
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    sky robbing barstewards

    I can see the popularity of iptv increasing and prices lowering as well.
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    Sensible Topic If Aldi can do it?

    Yea there is some branded stuff that Aldi etc. don't do. I tend to avoid meat unless it's really UK or Ireland, the way they import from europe and stamp "Product of the UK" or Product of Ireland" is plain misleading as these products come from all over the EU.
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    f3s getting fta but all others scrammbled

    First thing is to check if your line in "OnLine" ,if it's "Offline" then a server problem. If it's "No Active" you just need to press "OK" on the remote and you'll see a green tick. If that's the case then reboot all should be well then.
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    Skybox F5s Help

    Just to check you have put Aj's list "TP_PROG" on a usb key then inserted into the F5S, then in the tools menu I think you sellected "Upgrade By USB" ? If you have no channels found try and have a look in menu --> Network Local Setting --> Camds Setup --> CCcam Client Setup --> Manage Config...
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    OS pc help pls

    Noticed my english on that post is terrible but you know what I mean.
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    OS pc help pls

    You've prob got it sorted by now but you could try to download abwcleaner on another pc not the infected one and stick it on a disc. Then insert the disc into the infected pc and run it. If you can run it, it will clear the malware. I have noticed adwcleaner will detect and remove malware that...
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    Skybox F3 putty and ssh to the f3?

    You can remote connect to the F3 via tcp on your Lan to copy upload and edit the files with the Lan tool.
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    Skybox F5s Help

    Check what satellite your box is looking at ie. if UK 28.8. Depending on where you bought it you may have to install the cam as well.
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    Skybox F5s Skybox F5s chipped

    What do you mean "chipped" ?
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    Security How to keep your wi-fi network secure

    Also a lot use their names D.O.B's etc that's why social engineering works on home routers. A common misconception is that people think that using 20 characters numbers letters etc are hard to access, is not really true as with a man in the middle, arp spoofing forwarding and a bit of...