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    How many bodybuilders out there?

    I injected myself mate, to the upper outer quadrant of me backside, but yeah I do oral, our lass loves it, lol.
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    How many bodybuilders out there?

    Lol, all blown out of proportiion. Of course roids are not exactly good for you, but taken in moderation and with a break in between they do let you achieve what you set out to do. I was bang into body building in from '98 - late 2000 and did take a a few courses of steroids, those being...
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    2m Gold Plated HDMI cable - £3 delivered

    Wow nice find, hey guys I am a little busy now, but have you tried the super saver delivery on more items? It may be a glitch in the system and you may get away with it. Again tx to the OP for a great find.
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    2m Gold Plated HDMI cable - £3 delivered

    Free Super Saver delivery needs a £50 spend mate. P&P will be applied.
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    henry desktop hoover

    I just pissed myself.
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    what was the point???

    I think religious views are BS anyway, why can't everyone get along and get pissed every day of the week? **** school, **** the bangles and every other band around, **** the denominator and **** the fish and chip shops that sell dodgy fish and chips. **** everyone and everything, let's have...
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    Wanted: Cheap PC case and psu, DDR ram, ide hard drive.

    You can have it mate, I got a 512 stick, enough to fire the PC up that I needed it for. Thanks for the offer though.
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    Re: nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have to laugh my fucking arse off you Gav on this one me old son. Your bird is in the car, you have a shunt on her side and she screams and all you can think about is "Holy ****!! Is the car ok??! Quality mate. You and I really need...
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    Geforce 8800GT £76

    Yup those interesting reports sure are interesting, interesting in terms of complete and utter garbage mate. Take it from me, this card is one of the best you can get at this price. In fact it is such a great card it will play anything you can throw at it, most games at max settings, Crysis...
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    Advice on graphics card

    Your better off putting a wanted ad in the trade section. Here are some guidelines of what I would pay. 7600GS - £18 7600GT (DDR3 version)- £25 X1650pro or XT (DDR3 version) £25 X800XT PE - £25 6800gt - £25 6800Ultra - £30 7800/7900 series £20-£35 depending on whether they are the...
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    My New HTPC PC

    Very good PSU's, just a shame eBuyer don't do the 500W anymore as they sold them for about £35. Another option would be this one here: Corsair 450W VX 450W PSU - ATX12V v2.2 £45 This particular model of Corsair is actually made by Seasonic, some...
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    Witchy2K1 hits 8K posts

    Fooking useless pile of junk, I can't believe the mods have let him rack up 8,000 posts!! Should have been banned when he started chatting Jaffa up many moons ago. :) Seriously well done mate, that cracker the other day about the swimming pool was an absolute snorter.
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    Geforce 8800GT £76

    £88.11 + postage mate. Probably better off looking at this here: GeForce 9600GT SLI 512MB GDDR3 DVI/TVO PCI-E £66 + delivery. As good as the 8800GT mate.
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    Intel Quad Core PC

    Ignore my post above. In everyday tasks, no probably not. In reality, Windows will see the 3gb of ram, but the kernel also takes into consideration the ram on your video card. So if you have a 512mb video card then Windows will add that into the equation and you are stuck with 2.5gb of...
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    Intel Quad Core PC

    Well yeah, I would have 4gb in my XP machine if I felt I had a need, but I don't really do anything more than browse the net on my PC's, so 2gb is fine with me. XP will see a good 3.25gb, maybe 3.5gb in some instances. So 4gb is not a total waste in an XP machine.