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  • i aint gna knock the cardsharing cos 1000s of ppl do it but it seems a bit to good to be true for me .the card im getting is a tring one which gives me the 3pm footy and thats 250 a year .id tell ur mate to b careful cos those paysites are known to be a bit bad sometimes they just **** off with ur money and start in a new name .my box tm 600 came today now playing
    quik update dale.just finished fitting the dish .it only took bout 45 mins and was a piece of piss to allign though i do have a sky rover meter .so hopefully the box will turn up 2mrw and i can get it goin .had to go and apologise to my neighbours cos ive realised 90 cm dish and the fucking great lump of metal {bracket } its fixed to is rather large .u ordered anything yet ? matthew
    hi as for help these forums are a good read .the ethernet is for the cardsharing but as far as i know ... dnt quote me on this .. the box has no cam slot so cant accept all viewing cards .but if u change the image{box firmware] to the newest one u can use the internet on ur pc to download and update a programme called cccam which is what ppl use for cardsharing .cccam also lets u install ''softcams'' which do the same as a cam itself but only usung software so u can for instance use an albanian 'tring' card to get the 3pm footy .im only just gettin into this myself ive gt a 90 cm motorised which is big enough to get everything across the range from where i live {east anglia] a technomate 2300 motor a single universal lnb and a technomate 600 the shit i got cost me 160 quid the dish came from ebay and the box from wizard satellite .im fitting it all with my mate either monday or tuesday so il let u know how i get on .matthew
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