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  • Hi,
    Ive updated my tom tom go 300 once before, but ive forgotten how to.
    Im running v6.45 map and navcore v7.9. However i would like to upgrade to v8.45 map and i believe i need navcore v8 to go with it?!
    I could really do with some help as ive been trying to use the stickys and tutorials but im getting a bit bogged down.
    Please please please respond.

    Many thanks


    Sorry to bother you but I'm in a spin trying to add maps to my navigo (with tomtom on it)
    I downloaded the USA maps , was going to do the keygen thing but there wasn't a meta file with the download, are these generic? or where do you get them?


    Mate sounds like you know your Tom tom stuff - I'd like to upgrade my 300Go to the latest UK and major roads western Europe. I managed to get it onto the v675 but recall it hard work with the keygens etc - it was ok once you know how kinda thing! So i'm keen to upgrade mine and also if poss by bro's 700 and chicks 500 - if its the same process. Can you help?
    Hi Diddy,
    I have read your post about TomTom mapps activator,
    can you give me an hand to set going the Western Europe map on my TomTom go 530
    Thank you in advance
    Hi Diddy,

    I have read a few of your posts and I was hoping you could help me!

    I have a Tomtom one V1 and I would like to use a v8 navcore and a v8 Map please can you give me some hints how to go about this!


    Simon (Babbage73)
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